It’s no mystery that many men are envious of Justin Timberlake’s physique. At the same time, you would be surprised at how many experienced body builders have cause to be jealous as well. The reason why is that the Hollywood ripped look that you see from the Justin Timberlake workout requires more than just pumping iron, otherwise, you risk the wrong type of build.

Justin Timberlake In Alpha Dog

Start by taking a look at this picture from Alpha Dog on the left: you can see that Justin Timberlake is definitely muscular, but at the same time, part of what makes it so impressive is how lean and tight his build is. This gives him a sharp outline, and study after study has found that it is this shape and level of muscle that girls consider the most attractive.

Now, think of the bulky body builders that you have seen around gyms. Oftentimes, these guys have large muscles…but they have a puffy and almost doughy quality to them. Rather than have that nice ripped look that makes the muscles pop, they instead seem too rounded and soft. You can see this in long-term lifters who often have curved thighs and large but pliable biceps.

This is because focusing on the traditional big-3 exercises–squats, deadlifts, and bench press–are great for putting on muscle, but they don’t get to you to ripped on their own. If you want to look more like this, then you need to follow something like the Justin Timberlake workout.

Some parts of the workout are exactly what you would expect. For one, you will need to get your body fat percentage down for your muscles to really show. For another, you are going to be doing some of those traditional bulking up exercises.

The challenge is that you are going to do this without developing that puffy soft look, and ending up looking like a woman with an hourglass figure. Instead, you’re going to put on muscle while tightening your build to get ripped.

One common problem that men run into is they start doing some serious dieting and training, and watch their body fat percentage plummet. Yet, the only time they see their muscles with any of that ripped effect is right after working out and only in the correct light. This is because your skin is stretched to fit your starting physique, and it takes time for it to adjust to your new leanness.

The traditional way to deal with this is to get to your target body fat percentage, then maintain for six to eight weeks while your skin adjusts. Fortunately, there are techniques to deal with this without making you wait so long.

Justin Timberlake Showing Off In a Modeling Shot

Looking like Justin Timberlake is going to take the right kind of workout. You almost certainly need to get stronger and leaner, yet at the same time you do not want to puff out and lose the Hollywood ripped look.

By following the Justin Timberlake workout, you can get there and have a physique to be proud of. Make sure that you follow the right kind of program, such as Visual Impact Muscle Building, which is built around the ideal of the shrink-wrapped abs of the Hollywood elite.

The Justin Timberlake Workout: Making it Happen At Home

Getting the ripped Hollywood look is not so far out of reach as you may think. It takes time and effort, and even some discipline, but by minding a few basics of nutrition and training smart–rather than training harder–you can make great gains. Check out the Hollywood Fitness Guide for a free look at what you need to learn to finally get that lean and toned look.

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Say what you will about his boy band roots, no one can deny that Justin Timberlake has gone on to become a major sex symbol. Throughout his 20′s and as he enters his 30′s, he has gotten in progressively better shape. Fortunately for us, there are lessons to be learned from the Justin Timberlake Workout which we will take a look at here.

Justin Timberlake Shirtless in Friends with Benefits

To start with, note the body type of the modern Justin in this picture from Alpha Dog. He has the classic V-shape, which is considered ideal for men. This is where a thin waist leads up the torso to wider muscular shoulders. He combines this with six-pack abs and toned strong arms, rounding up what many consider the way to look for a Hollywood actor.

In order for you to look like that, there are a couple things that have to happen. For one, you need to get your body fat percentage down. For most men, it takes a body fat of 8 to 10% for six pack abs to emerge. Justin Timberlake looks like he’s right in that, and in comparison, the average guy off of the street is going to be in the 16 to 24% range. While working out is essential for getting to that low leve, it is even more important that you watch your diet.

Now, there are a couple ways you can workout to make it easier to get your body fat down. The first is to use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which is a technique where you effectively work out in cycles of max effort followed by limited or no rest. For example, you would sprint for 20 seconds, walk for 10 seconds, and repeat. This same principle is used in many exercise programs, where you will cycle between a number of workouts one after the other with minimal rest.

HIIT has been shown to ramp up metabolism and burn calories faster for up to 48 hours, as was found in this study. You can also use traditional static cardio–such as running for 30 minutes a day–but this will not give you the same fat burning benefits.

Once you’ve turned your body into a fat burning machine and are watching your diet, the next step in the Justin Timberlake workout is to do the right kind of strength training. Many people think that this means hanging out in a gym five days a week doing bicep curls, but thankfully it is simpler than that.

For building a great physique like Justin has, you want to focus on core total body exercises. The best include deadlifts, various Olympic squats, and pull-ups. Traditional body weight exercises like push-ups and sit-ups are also worthy, and trump using a gym’s ab curl machine any day.

To put this together, a good workout would look like so. Do five rounds with no rest between them, where each workout is…
1. 10 pull-ups
2. 20 push-ups
3. 30 sit-ups
4. 40 body weight squats

This uses the principles of HIIT with effective coverage of all the body’s muscles to work everything in turn. While taxing, it is has enough variety to not get dull, and it keeps your muscles adapting to different exercises.

Learning from the Justin Timbelake Workout can help any man trying to get in great ripped shape. The basic idea is manage your diet and cardio to reduce your body fat percentage and work your way towards being lean, while using compound weight training exercies to build muscle. Also, whatever diet you follow, remember to consume at least your body weight in grams of protein each day…it is important to give full for your muscles to rebuild.

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Welcome! There are many men to envy in this world for various reasons, and one guy that seems to have it all is Justin Timberlake…looks, fame, money, and probably more girls than any one guy can handle. The Justin Timberlake Workout is part of what lets him stay so charismatic.

He went from boy band sensation to enduring celebrity, with both music and movie roles gaining popularity. While you can argue either way about his actual talent–personally, I think he’s better than people give him credit for–there is no denying that the man knows how to stay in great shape and dress smart.

He has an upcoming film role, In Time, a thriller where he struggles to survive a death sentence in exchange for a shot at immortal youth. If I could look like that forever, I’d definitely take that gamble too!

While there’s nothing I can do about staying young forever, I can share how to do the Justin Timberlake workout and have a shot at looking your best as long as possible. Watch this space, more to come shortly.

In the meantime, if you want to feel even more jealous about the man, here is something to galvanize you into working out harder so that you can look like this: